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 For the love of Myoozik...

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For the love of Myoozik... Empty
PostSubject: For the love of Myoozik...   For the love of Myoozik... Icon_minitimeWed May 30, 2012 6:08 pm

Just wondering if we have an musicians here in TentaFools. I play an acoustic guitar... nothing fancy though. I started off about 2 years ago, singing gospel with my parents, and eventually took up the guitar and tried song writing. We mainly play for our home community and a few surrounding communities. In our area, a lot of people are Roman Catholic, and they live for country gospel, so it's nice to go out every now and then to play for the folks that come out.

Here's me:

Picture in a frame cover

I take a lot of influence from older country, as does a lot of local bands around our parts. Also, when I get down to it, I love singing rock. Although I can't play it, I feel I have the pipes to let 'er rip.

For the love of Myoozik... TFBanner2
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For the love of Myoozik...
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