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 Brad's Team - Platinum Toon

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Team Leader

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Brad's Team - Platinum Toon Empty
PostSubject: Brad's Team - Platinum Toon   Brad's Team - Platinum Toon Icon_minitimeWed May 09, 2012 4:26 am

Hello Fools!

I sent every member of the fools a swapnote message about the creation of my team. As I said in the message I have played with most of you guys in at least one match and from what I can see all us fools are pretty good at the game.

Like Sak's Toon there will be 3 members (2 plus me = 3). If you want in my Toon, come to my practices on the Weekends and let us know in the chat or here or through swapnote!

Platinum Toon

Toon Member 1 - Brad (Babel Club/Bear Claws/Volcano Arm)
Toon Member 2 - The Mid_Boss (Palms)
Toon Member 3 -

The weapons I use change but generally I have two playstyles,

Tank with Aries Armor Lvl4/Libra Sponge Lvl4 - Use my Arm/Claws and be a general nuisance, gets me 5-10 kills in FFA and 3-5 kills 0-1 deaths in LvD usually. Occasionally use my Babel Club, for laughs, in FFA =).

Sniper Club - Invisible Shot/Slip Shot or Quick Charge+Counter/Energy Charge Lvl3 - My Babel Club is the first weapon I own that I will keep FOREVER. Its damage from a normal charged shot at close range is 417!!!!!! 15-25meters 337 dmg!!!! 25-55meters 237 dmg WITHOUT Energy Charge. Its TROLLTASTIC!

I also have been seen bouncing around with Palms, just haven't got a decent one at the moment and I have a Bait + Run sort of playstyle for them.

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Brad's Team - Platinum Toon
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